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Karnataka — 2010 — The Gathering Light

The Gathering Light

Четвертый студийный альбом уэльских фолковых музыкантов, вышедших на огромное боле прогрессив рока.

This has certainly been a long awaited release. And with that long wait, their have been some wholesale changes. Except for the bass player, everyone is new following the 2004 exodus. They may still be called Karnataka, but this is really a new band, with a new sound. Longer tracks, longer instrumental passages, and more progressive. While I applaud these changes, they also have ventured into a genre that is rather saturated by other acts. They have traded some of their distinctiveness away in favor of this new direction. Sure, some things are the same. Great female vocalists, a prominent guitarist, and a generally easy character to the pace of their songs. But im wondering whether the test of time will show this album to be a breakthrough and everlasting favorite, or whether it gets lost and forgotten among the myriad of similar sounding efforts by other bands?

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